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【 function explanation 】
The following function can be used in this system.
Moreover, 【PC anyware】 in this site and the function are connected. The level of the more use increases if that can be confirmed.

■①Use of web drive(20G)
 ⇒[WebDAV] +(SSLBasic attestation) is used.
 ⇒The security certificate is originally issued from →here← in SSL of this site.
   Please install the certificate to prevent the server disguise.

■②Use of HP installation
 ⇒[WebDAV] is being offered in about 20G per one person web drive on this site.
 ⇒There is [public_html] folder for the HP reflection on [WebDAV].
  It becomes possible to up-load [HTML] there by drug & dropping.

 -------Environmental status of HP use-------
:possible to use.
:possible to use.
:possible to use.
:possible to use.
:possible to use.
[.pl][.cgi] is automatically set to permission 755, and, Other files become 644.
Because the permission change instruction is done by per minute,
it takes one minute or less for the reflection (This server is Linux(fedora)).←Please use it necessary for CGI and PHP.

Moreover, FTP connection is also possible. Use is as follows.
FTP tool FileZilla is downloaded from →here←. and It installs it.
It connects to the server by [Name of server host :][connection kind : FTPES]
Please up-load data under the control of [/webdav/Desktop/webdav/public_html].



【 use manual 】 (Web drive use⇒HP installation)

--[Web drive use]--【The one】- (For WinXP)

When registration is completed, user's web drive can be used.
Please input URL once by web browser.
The thing that own space is completed can be confirmed.`ID`
Please input own ID to `ID`.
Pass is pass provided by oneself.

A right picture is an example of the `ID`=master account.

web drive picture

web drive picture2

--[Web drive use]--【The two】- (For WinXP)

A left chart is a screen where web drive was actually opened as a folder.

my network (on desktop) ⇒ [Addition of network place]
⇒next⇒next⇒`ID` is input. and next
⇒If name (ID) of the user and password (pass) are input, it is OK.

Moreover, [WebDAV] can be opened directly from InternetExplorer (Only version7 or less :) as a folder.

--【For WinVISTA,7,Linux & Mac】--

First of all, My computer folder is opened on your VISTA and 7's Desktop.
Then, it is possible to add [Addition of network place] from the right-clicking menu.
However, trouble of the function of [WebDAV] is found in VISTA and 7 why.
There is thing that the connection is not normally done in the setting similar to XP a lot,
and the setting of one good at PC from the command line is certain.
Please open the command prompt from the start menu, and input it as follows.

net use w:`ID`

Moreover, it introduces easy software. ⇒ Convenient software : [CarotDAV]. This software is English OK!
If URL`ID`, the Basic attestation, ID, and Pass are input by using this software,
it is possible to connect it from anywhere.

If three check item, ID, and Pass of these [WebDAV] +(SSLBasic attestation) exist,
We would like you to use a thing easy-to-use by oneself because it can use most webdav tools.

The function of webdav has been stabilized in Linux & Mac from of old.
From the retrieval window on the right of this site, Please retrieve "Linux webdav connect" and "Mac webdav connect".


【 use manual 】 (Web drive use⇒HP installation)

--[HP installation]--【The one】-

If web drive can be used, the HP installation is very easy.
Please refer to the right record screen.
There is [public_html] folder.
It has already been set up in each user's web drive.

Please put index.html in the [public_html] folder by drag & drop.
Afterwards, please access following URL.`ID`
 ↑             ↑
s comes off.        ~ is added.

We think that the principle of the HP improvement is understood.

web drive picture

--[HP installation]--【The two】-

When the HP installation method is understood, let's actually make HP like it now. This site's manager also hardly knows HTML.
Then, Pease let me use the template of HP from the following reference site when it explains whether to have made this site like any.
⇒ Reference site:

This page is a thing suitably to edit, and to have made the template of the above-mentioned site.
A high-quality template is being offered free of charge.
Please wholly download the template that exists in my favor from the above-mentioned site,
and throw it in to the [public_html] folder as it is.

If HTML is understood little by little, it is likely to become it to make the site easily.
If only this is known, the list of the HTML tag that can make a suitable site is described to the following.

Please display right-clicking ⇒ source on this page. We think that a lot of following <hogehoge> exists. This is called tag.
It is a mechanism that the effect is applied to this <hogehoge> and the place placed by </hogehoge>.

Moreover, please refer to this example:index.html. One following list example is copy&pasted as it is.
(The content can be confirmed by doing the right-clicking preservation, and opening from the note pad. )
And, HTML has the character to read index.html right under the folder first automatically.
In addition, there is various tag in HTML. It is likely to become it to express it more freely on web if it understands.

Content to be executed Tag One example
Changing line <br> It changes line here.→<br>
font :(size)
<font size=`1~5`></font>
<font color=`color`></font>
<font size="2">This fontsize is two.</font>
<font size="2"><b>This fontsize is a bold-faced type by two. </b></font>
<font size="2"><b><font color=blue>This fontsize is a bold-faced type by two, and blue. </font></b></font>
The link is pasted <a href=""></a> <a href="">This page is master's HP.</a>

Copyright (C) Team[ICTmax]. All Rights Reserved.