Free rental server[ICTmax] - Original domain -



【 function explanation 】
The following function can be used in this system.

■Use of original domain
 ⇒The domain name is acquired in Free dynamic DNS(DDNS) service ieServer.Net. Afterwards, it reflects it in ICTmax.
 ⇒Though each user's address is fixed to "`ID`" in initialization,
 ⇒After setting an [original domain], it becomes possible to display even in the address of "http://original domain/"
  ※An [original domain] is not reflected in the page of the SSL communication.

※If you feel that it is not satisfactory in the performance in this ICTmax server when an [original domain] is acquired and set,
 When the page shifts to another server, page shift becomes possible without changing the address.

 When the page shifts, it is necessary to release the domain setting on the ICTmax server side.
 Though the setting on the ICTmax side automatically becomes invalid if the password is changed on the domain service side,
 Please compulsorily set release and give mail so to the master address when you want to do.



【 use manual 】 (Original domain use)

--[Original domain use]--

① An [original domain] is acquired on the following site.

  【】is Japanese site.
  Please refer to the manual for registration.

② In a right input form after acquiring an original domain,
  Input of ID and Pass of ICTmax. It acquired it in item ①,
  `Account``Domain``Password` in input
  ⇒ transmission
  It is reflection completion in the above.

(ICTmax server acquires the domain in 【ieServer.Net】. )
 Account : ictmax
 Domain. :

It takes 24-48 hours for the reflection after acquisition of the domain.
(There is a thing that can be done soon, too. )

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